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Morrison Jeep Trail awarded BFG Outstanding Trails Award for 2011


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Steve, Jen, and Nathan Paterson
Both Jen and I are elementary teachers in Billings, Montana. Jen hails from South Dakota, but has lived the majority of her life in Montana. Nathan and I were both born in Montana. Jen and I share a wide variety of interest not limited to, but including the outdoors, camping, and off-road.
We have a 1969 Bronco that was purchased new by my Aunt. I have owned it since the spring of 1990.   I replaced the 6 cylinder with a 351 W engine and the 3 speed transmission with a 4 speed NP 435 and rebuilt the Dana 20 transfer case in 2000. 
The Bronco currently runs an old 3.5 lift kit with new shocks, and 33 x 12.5 mud radials. The FoMoCo 9in has chrome-molly axles and a locker. We have custom -built recovery points, front and rear, from Big Sky Off-road in Billings. Many more additions are planned as money allows including: Dana 44 swap, 35 or 36 inch tires, new/better suspension with better performance,

Since becoming active in offroading again, we have participated in two Montana Divide Rides, our first in Boulder and our second in Polson, Montana. We have also taken numerous trips to the mountains including the Absarokas.  Joining MC4x4 has given us the opportunity to meet many great people, contribute to the sport of offroading, and include our son in our interests.