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Morrison Jeep Trail awarded BFG Outstanding Trails Award for 2011


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Magic City 4x4 Trail Requirements

Required Items
  • Axe, bucket and shovel (to meet federal requirements).
  • Rollbar, full cage or factory hard top.
  • Functional parking brake or line lock.
  • Tow strap or rope (recommended rated 2 times vehicle weight).
  • Family type first aid kit.
  • Jack capable of lifting vehicle, lug wrench.
  • Spare tire - within 3 inches of existing tires on vehicle.
  • Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good or full - reachable by driver.
  • Seat belts or harness for all passengers.
  • Antenna's not to exceed 4' 6" (whip antenna's recommended to be tied down).
  • Adequate attachment point front and rear - TOW BALLS NOT RECOMMENDED!
  • Battery hold down - no bungee cords.
  • Flashlight.
Recommended Items
  • CB Radio (we generally run on channel 4).
  • Matches, Fuses, and Water.
  • Seasonal clothing.
Other suggested items to have "on board!"
•Trash Bags •Skid Plates •Basic Tool Kit •Tire Stop Leak •Tire Pressure Gauge •Gloves •Cooler with Drinks and Food •Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes •Duct Tape •Tarp and Bungee Cords •Camera •Bug Repellent •Extra Vehicle Fluids

Common Sense 4-Wheeling
  • Designate a tail-gunner.
  • Pick up any trash you may see around the trail. "Pack more out than in!"
  • Shift to neutral before going into Lo range 4WD.
  • Always keep the vehicle behind you in sight, keeping headlights on helps.
  • Watch the vehicle in front to see the best route to take over obstacles.
  • Ask for help when necessary - spotters can assist in difficult terrain with hand signals.
  • Slow is the way to go over rough terrain (drive like there's a crate of eggs in the cargo area).
  • Rock/Stump obstacles: if you can't go around... don't straddle it, put your tire on it and crawl over slowly.
  • While stopped, and the engine's off, apply the emergency brake or put in gear to avoid accidental rolling.
  • Rockcrawling? Restart a stalled engine in low range without engaging the clutch.
  • Coming of a straight edge? Turn the wheel right or left letting one wheel come off first.
  • Secure/Tie Down loose items in the cargo area of your rig (cooler, tool box, fluids, etc.).
  • Don't forget to air-up before heading home.
  • When you get home, wash the mud off under your vehicle. Be sure to clean your catalytic converter, brakes, driveshaft, etc.
  • Just do it...carefully! And, have fun.